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Alkaline protease

Alkaline protease is also known as 2709 protease and bacillus licheniformis protease. It is a biological enzyme preparation made by bacillus licheniformis after fermentation, culture and fermentation and refined by biotechnology. It belongs to serine endonuclease.At a certain temperature and PH value, it can hydrolyze macromolecular proteins into peptides and amino acids.Suitable for food processing, daily chemical, feed, medicine and other industries.

Enzyme activity definition:

n 40 ℃, PH10.5 condition, the casein hydrolysate produced per minute 1 ug tyrosine enzyme needed for the quantity for one unit of enzyme activity, as u said.

  • Product specification:100000-1000000u/g
  • eatures:Gray or pale yellow powder
  • smell:Enzyme peculiar smell
  • optimum PH value:9-11
  • optimal temperature:40-55℃
  • Add the amount:0.1-0.3%
  • Execution standard:GB1886.174
  • fineness:40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh(customizable)

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  • Fake labeling

    Product labeling 100000 enzyme activity, the actual enzyme activity, 60000, caused by hydrolysis does not reach the designated position, indirectly increase the cost of using enzymes.

  • Unstable Quality

    Lack of protection technology of enzyme, enzyme activity is not stable, caused the product quality fluctuation.

  • Unsatisfying Effect

    Pertinence is not strong, the structure of the different materials is different, lead to a single monomer enzyme digestion effect, low yield, bitter taste, taste bad.

  • Long Delivery

    With no experience in enzyme and enzyme distribution technology, tests repeatedly, has led to an increased research and development costs, indirect extend the production cycle.

  • Poor Sevice

    Due to the particularity of enzyme preparation, how to use, after use, should be timely answer, but many enterprises can't timely solutions to customers.

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Product advantage

FSSC2200, iso9001, kosher certification

Enzyme activity can be customized, offer different enzyme activity products and enzyme solution
Food grade, refined grade and some other levels can be customized as per customers' requests.
Enzyme activity stability, specific enzyme protection technology, product quality is stable
trict quality control, can be verified by the third party lab
international system certification

Inspection agencies, guarantee the stability of enzyme production

Application field

  • Silk degumming

  • Tobacco leaf fermentation

  • Pet attractant

  • pharmaceutical

  • Leather processing

  • fertilizer

  • collagen peptide

  • Chondroitin sulfate

  • Yeast extract

Ph line chart

Enterprise strength

Green Ecological Science and Education Demonstration Park Additives Industry

Production process

Industrial, Food, Refined and Pharmaceutical Enzymes

  • Raw material
  • Separation
  • Remove bacteria
  • Concentrate
  • Inspection
  • Crushing
  • Ingredients
  • Dry

Company introduction

Nanning Doing-higher Bio-tech Co. ,LTD

Nanning Doing-higher Bio-tech Co. ,LTD

 Nanning Doing Higher biotechnology co., LTD., founded in 2004, has been engaged in the research of enzyme preparation industry since 1998.15 years of enzymolysis technology precipitation, Doing Higher joint universities on the basis of independent research and development institutes to jointly develop twelve big series of products. 100 kinds of products related to food processing, condiment, medicine, health care products, fruit and vegetable processing, beer processing, baking, washing cosmetic, feed industry and environment protection, etc. To meet the different needs of various industries, according to customer demand customize various enzymes products and technical services. Doing Higher adheres to the "comfortable, safe, efficient" product purpose, the company is committed to explore biotechnology, for various industries provide sustainable solutions,For the sustainable development of society and nature.


At present, the company domestic market share of more than 50% of enzyme preparation, yeast industry market share accounted for more than 80%, animal protein hydrolysis accounted for more than 70%. Domestic establish food industrial enzymes custom type manufacturers, domestic enzyme preparation in the implementation of green food enzyme company. The company annual output of 2000 tons, production value chaoyi, set up 80 domestic sales agent services, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Russia, Asia and other countries around the world.The number of employees is nearly 100, and the company's scientific research personnel account for 15-20% of the total number of employees. The company invests a lot of money in research and development every year, and is committed to exploring biotechnology and providing sustainable biological solutions for the food industry.


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Win Bio-Enzyme Technology, Make Enzyme Power Infinite in the World


Win Bio-Enzyme Technology, Make Enzyme Power Infinite in the World

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