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Author: boxsin|source:This station|release date: 2019-07-23

Solution: Sea cucumber peeling enzyme 

Application:  All kinds of sea cucumber products peeling

Solution details: Traditional sea cucumber peeling is mainly done by acid method or manual peeling, which is time-consuming, inefficient, incomplete and easy to cause the loss of sea cucumber nutrients and other problems. At the same time, for the European and American markets with strict food laws and regulations, traditional peeling and peeling methods increase the difficulty of export.The principle of enzymatic method is that the appropriate enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen in the connective tissue, muscle fiber and elastic egg of sea cucumber will destroy the continuous chain of the connective tissue, so that sea cucumber skin and meat can be separated quickly, and the purpose of complete peeling can be achieved.At the same time, due to the safety of enzyme preparation, it also meets the market demand for the development of green food processing.

Desquamation of sea cucumber

Product: The squid skin peeling

Application: Squid and all kinds of seafood peeling 

Solution details: Traditional squid peeling is mainly through manual peeling, which is time-consuming and inefficient.Using squid peeling machine, there are some problems such as incomplete peeling, and easy to cause the loss of nutritional components of squid.The enzyme technology is applied to the processing of squid with its advantages of safety and high efficiency.The main working principle is the appropriate enzymatic hydrolysis of the collagen in the connective tissue, muscle fiber and elastic egg of squid, which will destroy the connection chain of the connective tissue and rapidly separate the skin and meat of squid.Cooperate with manual peeling or squid peeling machine to achieve the purpose of complete peeling.

Squid peeling

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