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Solution:Fungus alpha-Amylase 

Application:  In bread, biscuits, steamed bread and other flour products and improver application; Production of high malt syrup, maltose or high conversion syrup.

Solution details: The life activities of yeast depend on nitrogen and soluble sugars in the dough as nitrogen and carbon sources.Monosaccharide is the best nutrient for yeast growth and reproduction. Amylase converts starch into maltose to produce a large amount of sugar to meet the needs of yeast growth and reproduction.However, if the endogenous amylase content is insufficient, the inferior bread will be formed. To prevent this from happening, the fungus alpha-amylase should be added to the dough.Fungal alpha-amylase is purified from Aspergillus oryzae.Fungal alpha-amylase hydrolyzes the 1, 4-alpha-glycoside bonds of amylose and amylose to produce dextrin and maltose, soluble dextrin and a few maltose and glucose.The long reaction produces a syrup with large amounts of maltose and small amounts of glucose.

Bread processing

Product: Lipase 


Application: Bread, biscuits, steamed bread and other flour products and improver application

Solution details: Lipase plays three main roles in the processing of flour products.The first effect is the whitening effect of lipase on flour.The second effect is that lipase ACTS on triglycerides, preventing them from binding to gluten and thus strengthening it.The third effect is that lipase hydrolyzes fat into monoglycerol and diacylglycerol, which can bind with starch and thus delay the aging of starch.It is suggested that lipase and other enzyme preparations cooperate with each other, combine the characteristics and complementarity of different enzyme preparations, and effectively combine the allocation, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive improvement of bread and flour products.

Bread processing

Product: Xylanase

Application: Bread, biscuits, steamed bread and other flour products and improver application

Application: The main factor affecting the quality of flour products is the non-starch polysaccharide - xylan, which belongs to the Arabian xylan in chemical structure.Xylan accounts for 1.5% ~ 3% of the dry basis of wheat flour. Insoluble xylan will bind with gluten protein and hinder the formation and expansion of gluten. The bread made by xylan is small in size, uneven in color, silken in heart, yellowish white in color, thick in pore wall and coarse in taste.The addition of xylanase to the dough hydrolyzes insoluble arabinoxylan, increasing the ductility and stability of the dough, resulting in a softer, more pliable dough and ultimately larger volume and more uniform tissue.Meanwhile, the non-starch polysaccharide NSP in flour can absorb about 10 times its own weight of water.The main component of NSP is arabinoxylan, which can be degraded by endoxylanase.This releases the water absorbed by NSP, which ensures that the starch can absorb enough water during the baking and gelation stage.

Bread processing

Product: Biscuit enzyme

Application:Crisp, cookies; Crepes, pancakes; Wafer products; Other pastel-type products (omelets, omelets, etc.) 

Solution details: The special enzyme preparation for biscuits is developed according to the characteristics and production process of the products such as crisp biscuits, cookies, French pancakes and wafer.Its main function is to improve the taste, appearance and crispness of the products.It is an indispensable biotechnology solution in the biscuit industry due to its small amount of additive (generally only need to use 0.02% to 0.08% of the flour), remarkable effect and natural safety.

Bread processing

Product: glucose oxidase

Application:Bread, biscuits, steamed bread and other flour products and improver application

Application details: Potassium bromate reacts with gluten tissue of wheat protein, increases the strength and elasticity of gluten, forms a good gluten network, and improves the baking effect of flour.But potassium bromate has a strong carcinogenicity, Europe and America has long been banned.Glucose oxidase is a new type of flour quality improder widely used after potassium bromate was banned.Glucose oxidase catalyzes the production of hydrogen peroxide in the process of glucose in the dough.This allows the gluten protein to cross link to form a stronger network structure, enhancing the strength of the dough and thus effectively improving the handling performance of the dough. The dough is not sticky but elastic.Wake up hair after the group surface white and smooth, delicate.After baking, the volume expands, the cortex is meticulous, no spots, no bubbles, pores are fine and even, the texture structure is good, chewing chewy, not sticky teeth to improve product quality.

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