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Author: boxsin|source:This station|release date: 2019-07-23

Solution:soy sauce brewing 

Appication:soybean, soybean meal, wheat and wheat bran to produce soy sauce.

Solution details: Soy sauce is made from soybean or soybean meal and other plant proteins, supplemented by flour, wheat or bran and fermented by microorganisms.The traditional technology of brewing soy sauce not only covers a large area, but also has high labor intensity, long fermentation time and easy to infect other miscellaneous bacteria.The production efficiency is low, the enzyme produced after making koji is difficult to decompose the raw material completely.Low utilization rate of raw materials and high production cost.Adding enzyme preparation in the process of brewing soy sauce can promote the decomposition of protein and starch in the raw materials of soy sauce production.It can effectively make up for the deficiency of its enzyme species and quantity in traditional brewing and improve the utilization rate of raw materials.Thus, the contents of soluble salt free solids, total nitrogen and amino acid nitrogen were increased.Meanwhile, it can promote the formation of flavor substances and improve the flavor of soy sauce.And shorten the production cycle, save raw materials, increase the yield, low cost and obvious effect.

soy sauce brewing

Solution: Fermented bean curd fermentation 

Application: Red fermented bean curd, white fermented bean curd, green fermented bean curd and fermented bean curd sauce and various characteristics of the production, such as guilin huaqiao fermented bean curd, yunnan lu nan fermented bean curd

Solution details: The fermentation and maturation process of fermented bean curd is essentially the enzymatic degradation process of soybean protein.In the traditional fermentation process, it is difficult to fully decompose the protein in soybean by the enzyme system of a single strain, and the production cycle is long, generally 4-6 months.Too long fermentation time will lead to microbial pollution, resulting in the finished fermented milk mildew, acid, black, hard, rough, crisp, brittle, gas production, etc..These problems lead to low production efficiency and high economic cost.In the process of fermented beancurd, adding enzyme preparation can effectively make up for the lack of the type and quantity of the enzyme system in the traditional fermentation, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the production link, shorten the production cycle, and produce the high quality beancurd products with low salt, convenience and uniform quality.

Fermented bean curd fermentation

Solution: Fish sauce fermentation

Application: Using sardines, eel, and other Marine fish, silver carp, tilapia and other freshwater fish as raw materials to brew fish sauce and produce seafood flavor seasoning and HAP  

Solution details: Fish sauce is a special high-grade amino acid condiment produced by biological fermentation with sardines, eel, other Marine fish, silver carp, tilapia and other freshwater fish as raw materials.Adding enzyme preparation in the fermentation process of fish sauce can accelerate the enzymatic hydrolysis rate of fish protein and improve the utilization rate of raw materials, thus increasing the content of soluble salt free solids, total nitrogen, amino acid nitrogen and other nutrients.It can not only improve the quality, improve the flavor of fish sauce, enhance the flavor, but also shorten the production cycle, increase the yield and reduce the cost.

Fish sauce fermentation

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