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Yeast extract

Author: boxsin|source:This station|release date: 2019-07-23

Solution:Yeast extract

Appication: Yeast cell wall broken, yeast extract (yeast extract, yeast monosodium glutamate, yeast extract) production

Solution details: Yeast extracts are generally made from edible yeast by using modern high and new biological technologies such as autolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and concentration to degrade proteins and nucleic acids in yeast cells.Flavoring products have the functions of increasing freshness, aroma and taste.It is widely used in soups, sauces, condiments, snack foods and meat products.The traditional yeast extract production mostly USES single enzyme preparation, the ammonia nitrogen yield is low, the protein utilization rate is not high. Yeast extract enzymes are composed of cell wall dissolved enzyme, endonuclease, endonuclease and flavoring enzyme. At a certain temperature and PH value, yeast cell proteins and other substances in beer yeast and bread yeast are decomposed to obtain yeast extracts (yeast essence or yeast taste element) containing mixtures of amino acids and nucleotides. These yeast extracts are characterized by high amino acid content, rich flavor, mellow taste, strong flavor, complete enzymatic hydrolysis and high protein utilization rate.


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