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Seasoning production

Author: boxsin|source:This station|release date: 2019-07-23

Solution:Seasoning production

Appication:In combination with endonuclease, it is used for hydrolysis of animal and plant proteins

Solution details: In the process of animal and plant protein hydrolysis, endonuclide is characterized by high enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency. However, with the molecular weight approaching 3000 Dalton, it is easy to produce bitter peptide, which affects the quality and taste. Flavor enzyme is produced by aspergillus oryzae, belongs to external cutting protease, and is refined by modern biotechnology. It is mainly used to reduce or avoid the production of bitter peptides in the hydrolysis process, or degrade bitter peptides into amino acids to enhance or improve the taste and flavor of hydrolysates.


Solution: Hydrolyzed vegetable protein HVP

Product: Soybean meal hydrolytic enzyme

Application: Hydrolysis of soybean meal, cottonseed meal, peanut meal and rapeseed meal to produce amino acid flavor liquid (hydrolyzed vegetable protein into peptide HVP), production of vegetable protein feed and vegetable protein beverage.

Solution details: The common treatment method of soybean meal is acid - base chemical hydrolysis.The acid - base chemical hydrolysis process requires a lot of equipment, complicated technology and its easy corrosion can lead to serious environmental pollution.The products have high salt content, affect palatability, loss of amino acid and other nutrients, side reactions often produce toxic and harmful substances such as trichloropropanol.The special enzyme for soybean meal hydrolysis is a special enzyme preparation developed by our company according to the difference of soybean raw materials and processing. It is mainly composed of endopeptidase, endopeptidase and flavoring enzyme. It can hydrolyze soybean protein into peptone, polypeptide, amino acid, etc. It improves the nutritional value and expands the application field of plant protein.

Solution: Bone extract

Product: Bone proteolytic enzyme

Application: Bone extract, bone soup processing, bone peptone production.

Solution: China is the largest meat eating country. Its total meat production has reached more than 80 million tons, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the world's total meat production.Traditional processing of livestock bone and poultry bone USES acid and alkali method, which is easy to produce chemical component residue, cause nutrient loss and serious corrosion to equipment, and is gradually replaced by biological enzyme method. Enzymatic method is recognized and adopted by all animal by-product processing enterprises with the advantages of safety, efficiency, green and environmental protection.

Solution: Savory flavoring

Product: Meat proteolytic enzyme

Application: Meat flavor base material production, meat extract, broth, meat paste processing production

Solution details:Meat paste, salt flavor is usually pork, beef, chicken as raw materials, through mechanical meat puree, add enzyme preparation in a certain period of time for meat enzymatic hydrolysis.Then add sugar, amino acid, yeast extract, vitamin and other raw materials, maillard reaction at high temperature.At last, the seasoning of pork, beef and chicken was obtained by means of fragrant and dry treatment.Meat protein hydrolytic enzyme is a complex enzyme preparation developed according to the characteristics of animal raw materials and different processing techniques. It can hydrolyze meat protein into flavor amino acids to the greatest extent, weaken the generation of bitter peptide, and make the enzymatic hydrolytic product taste fresh and mellow.

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